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The 3rd International Conference on NanoMedicine (NanoMed 2020)

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Kunming Jin Jiang Hotel
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«The 3rd International Conference on NanoMedicine (NanoMed 2020)»

Friday Fr-8:30am
Jul, 2021
Jul 16 Fr-8:30am
8:30 AM


The 3rd International Conference on NanoMedicine (NanoMed 2020) Conference Date: July 17-19, 2020 Conference Venue: Kunming, China Website: https://www.confjuly.org/conference/NanoMed2020/ Online Registration System: https://www.confjuly.org/RegistrationSubmission/default.aspx?ConferenceID=1228 Email: intelconf@163.com The 3rd International Conference on NanoMedicine (NanoMed 2020)will be held from July 17-19, 2020 in Kunming, China. The conference will cover issues on Biodistribution of Nanomedicines, Clinical and Preclinical Applications of Nanomedicine, Fundamentals of Nanomedicine, Innovative Biomaterials, Nano Drug Delivery Nano-/Micro-formulations, Nano-/Micro-therapeutics, Nano-Bio Interactions, Nanobiotechnology, etc. It dedicates to creating a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods in related fields. If you wish to serve the conference as an invited speaker, please send email to us with your CV. We'll contact with you asap. Publication and Presentation Publication: Open Access Journal,please contact us for detailed information Index: CNKI and Google Scholar Note: If you want to present your research results but do NOT wish to publish a paper, you may simply submit an Abstract to our Registration System. Contact Us Email: intelconf@163.com Tel: +86 132 6470 2250 QQ: 1349406763, 3025797047 WeChat: 3025797047 Attendance Methods 1.Submit full paper (Regular Attendance+Paper Publication+Presentation) You are welcome to submit full paper, all the accepted papers will be published by Open access journal. 2. Submit abstract (Regular Attendance+Abstract+Presentation) 3. Regular Attendance (No Submission Required) Conference Topics Bioavailability Biodistribution of Nanomedicines Bio-MEMS/NEMS Biomimetics Clinical and Preclinical Applications of Nanomedicine Fundamentals of Nanomedicine Innovative Biomaterials Nano Drug Delivery Nano-/Micro-formulations Nano-/Micro-therapeutics Nano-Bio Interactions Nanobiotechnology Nanocapsules Nanocomposites Nanocrystals Nanoelectronics Nanomedical Sensors/Devices Nanoparticles/Nanotubes/Nanowires Nanostructured Materials Nanotechnology Based Diagnostics & Imaging Nanotoxicity/Nanotoxicology Personalized Nanomedicine Regenerative Medicine Translational Nanomedicine Other Related Issues