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Home / Events / The 2nd International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation
The 2nd International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation

Tickets to The 2nd International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation

Peking, Beijing, China
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«The 2nd International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation»

Thursday Th - 12:00am
April, 2020
Apr 16 Th - 12:00am
12:00 AM


【Event Background】 Air traffic management system (atms) is a system that manages the take-off, landing and navigation of multiple aircraft to ensure flight order and safety. To build strong security, strong efficiency, strong wisdom, strong collaborative modernization of atm system is the important task raised by CAAC which is the important development strategy judgement and target guidance of air traffic management based on global establishment , industry oriented, target focusing,characteristics highlighting , overall driving for CAAC's party group in the new stage of development. It's crucial to push strong transportation nation, the key of strategy, the overall direction for the future development of atc. Four strong air traffic control is the trend of global air traffic control competition. A new round of global industrial transformation is accelerating the evolution, the technological revolution is promoting the adjustment of industrial division of labor, disruptive technologies continue to emerge, the global civil aviation air traffic control field is also facing a new round of technological changes. China's civil aviation air traffic control faces not only the serious challenge of the widening gap, but also the historical opportunity of catching up and crossing. 【Hot Topics】 1.Domestic Air Traffic Management Development Plan and New Regulations 2.Global Air Traffic Control Development Trend and Future New Technology 3.Improve ADS-B Data Application Technology and Improve the Operational Efficiency of ATM 4.Future Development and Challenges of ATM System Operation Based on 4D-TBO 5.Cross-regional Traffic Monitoring and Management Technology 6.Weather Monitoring and Smart Cloud Service Technology Application 7.Application of AeroMACS Technology in the Airport 8.Technology Development of Performance-based Navigation (PBN) 9.Construction of Air-Ground Integration Network 10.Applications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Air Traffic Management 11.Future Development and Application of the Data Chain 12.The Combination of 5G Technology and the Application of ATM 13."Class C Data Transfer" Technology Application, to Improve the Flight Punctuality 14.Comparison of Domestic and External Communication Navigation and Surveillance Technology 15.Satellite Navigation Systems and Ground-based and Satellite-based Enhancement System Technologies 【Contact】 Company name: Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. Name: Sara LIU Email: marketing@galleon.cc Web: http://www.galleon.cc Phone: +86 0 21 5155.9030 Fax: +86 0 21 5155.9049