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Maximizing Co-teaching Relationships for Learning

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Level 5
New Territories
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«Maximizing Co-teaching Relationships for Learning»

Saturday Sa - 08:30am
February, 2020
Feb 15 Sa - 08:30am
08:30 AM
New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR


"If we are deliberately growing and changing as professionals, our cutting edge beliefs are often ahead of our practices. We grow new beliefs and then strive to live into them.” – Heidi Mills (in The Teacher You Want to Be) About this Event Co-teaching is increasingly common and yet complex. Whether you are a homeroom, single subject, assistant, EAL support, support service teacher, EdTech coach or parent helper co-teaching has so much potential! Maximizing relationships to collectively support learning for all students takes more than simply time and structures. Crafting shared beliefs around practice and pedagogy sets co-teaching up for success. This is especially true in the cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary contexts that international educators co-teach within. In this two-day workshop, participants explore co-teaching from a variety of perspectives and consider the implications on effective co-teaching relationships. Although key underpinnings of collaboration are familiar to many, building shared understanding around their meaning and implementation is transformative. We address the complexities of working in this way with a solutions-focused intention. Participants will leave with increased awareness and intentionality around co-teaching practice, and feel empowered to develop collaborative relationships that also consciously value and empower the individuals. Who is it for? Educators of any level who are working as co-teachers - joining this event as a team is ideal Administrators in schools where co-teaching is the encouraged pedagogy Instructional/Innovation coaches working in schools where co-teaching is required What will you do? Explore many facets of co-teaching and various roles and challenges of these relationships Engage in cognitive conversations around beliefs and values in education and consider implications of these in relation to co-teaching and learning Experience inquiry practice and be an agentive learner as we co-construct new understandings This workshop will explore the conceptual co-teaching method developed by Nicky Bourgeois and assist participants in better leveraging the collective experience within their classrooms. What will you walk away with? A toolkit for supporting and developing any co-teaching relationship An understanding of the complexity of co-teacher relationships and how to increase the effectiveness of these New considerations in relation to your own co-teaching relationships, and Administrators/Coaches/Teacher Leaders will consider how to foster and support this in schools and teams What to consider when beginning a new co-teaching relationship and how to reset and/or grow established co-teaching partnerships Co-teachers walk away with a dynamic toolbox to intentionally support and leverage the learning capabilities of their learners. Open to educators, teaching assistants, parents and school leaders. Saturday & Sunday - 8:30 - 4:00PM Coffee/Tea and lunch will be provided. Full hotel, travel and visa information can be found here. Ticket prices are in USD. Local bank transfer in RMB can be arranged. For more information about this or anything else please contact Angela Ke. About the Facilitator Nicky Bourgeois is an Elementary Teacher at NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand and has over 15 years of teaching experience across elementary grades in New Zealand, Vietnam and Thailand. She is an IB workshop leader and has led workshops across Asia Pacific since 2009.  Nicky holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Sociology and has completed the IB Leadership Series. She collaborates globally in a variety of ways, such as being a member of the Advisory Board for The Wonderment and as guest speaker for a Teaching as a Profession class at the University of Washington. She is known as a creative, conceptual thinker yet her extensive classroom experience brings a practicality to her educational consulting. Her Conceptual Co-teaching model brings a unique spotlight on multi-teacher collaboration, deprivatization of practice, and equity within the international classroom. She has shared thoughts on global education at ISTE and presented her co-teaching model at IB and EARCOS conferences, and was keynote speaker at the ACAMIS ELL conference. She develops personalized professional development to help teachers and schools cohesively explore co-teaching and develop their pedagogy and practice.