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Home / Events / 当代艺术(一)(LOT 12501--12571) (Online only)
当代艺术(一)(LOT 12501--12571) (Online only)

当代艺术(一)(LOT 12501--12571) (Online only)

China Guardian Auctions Co., Ltd.
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«当代艺术(一)(LOT 12501--12571) (Online only)»

Tuesday Tu - 12:00am
April, 2020
Apr 21 Tu - 12:00am


Auction: 2020-4-18 to 2020-4-21 The Oil Paintings and Sculpture Department is one of the longest established departments at China Guardian. Since its first auction, staged in the spring of 1994, the department has handled art pieces from modern and contemporary artists, as well as early masters. The world record for Chinese oil paintings has been broken by China Guardian several times. As a pioneer in this area, China Guardian plays a significant role in the trade of Chinese oil paintings. At the same time, it has continued to explore and develop the market. In the 2006 Fall Auction, China Guardian staged the first special auction titled, Twenty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, which earned enthusiastic approval from within the industry. In May of 2007, three special sessions of oil painting at the 2007 Spring Auction, including, Chinese Oil Paintings and Sculpture, Chinese Contemporary Art, and Chinese Fine Art Photography, set an auction record at a total of over 170 million RMB ($26.57 million). The special auction session of Chinese Fine Art Photography was also the first ever auction to concentrate on the works of the country’s most creative and influential current photographic artists. It gained positive feedback from both domestic and international buyers.