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Lego EV3 Robotics: Getting Started

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Level 5
New Territories
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«Lego EV3 Robotics: Getting Started»

Saturday Sa - 08:30am
March, 2020
Mar 7 Sa - 08:30am
08:30 AM
New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin About this Event This workshop will give you all the robotics skills, teaching tools, course planning, facility management, equipment ordering, and budgeting techniques required to effectively run any size EV3 robotics program at your respective school, whether it be starting an EV3 Robotics club for the first time, making the case for a first elective course within the school day, or integrating robotics across the curriculum. We’ll cover strategies to promote robotics with admin of your organization and address your unique needs in terms of where you are at on your robotics educator journey and where you see your growth path taking you. Learn the basics of EV3 LEGO Mindstorms Robotics hardware, software, programming, and how to facilitate your very own robotics classes and clubs. This workshop navigates the user through a series of ten obstacle challenges developed by Carnegie Mellon University where they must program their robot to solve challenges. After building your very first EV3 robot you will then be guided to program your robot to solve each obstacle challenge. The course covers three overarching themes; robot movement, programming with sensors, and finally complexbehaviors. Each challenge will build upon programming techniques used in earlier challenges. The workshop will show you not only how to solve each of the ten challenges but also how to effectively facilitate the challenges in a classroom full of students. Each challenge will be followed up with a reflection and discussion on the methodology used as well as differentiationoptions to use within a classroom setting. We will also discuss having “maker fairs” in regards to EV3 Lego and what strategies to use to ensure they are successful. Who is it for? School Leaders , administrators, divisional leadership, instructional coaches, and anyone within an organization that wishes to be a change agent in terms of brining in a STEAM robotics program into their respective school or looking to integrate robotics across the curriculum. Educators that are new to Robotics who are interested in gaining experience with EV3 Lego Robotics, how to program, and run their own robotics courses. Community members who are interested in exploring Lego Robotics. People who enjoy design, tinkering and making Anyone else interested that is 16 years or older. What will you do? Build Robots. Program Robots. Learn how to teach and facilitate a robotics class using Lego EV3 Mindstorms. What will you walk away with? Experience building EV3 Mindstorms constructions Understanding of the sequence, switch, loop, and case programming structures Hands on experience with how to facilitate a Lego robotics class. How to design custom EV3 Projects for your students Experience with problem-solving and debugging EV3 block code. About Matthew Chadwick  Matthew Chadwick is a 5-12 Lego EV3 and VexIQ Robotics teacher at International School Manila. Prior to teaching overseas, he taught Mathematics in Portland, Oregon. Matthew also has a previous software engineering career at Nike and several technology start-ups. As a third-culture kid, he has studied, lived, and worked on three different continents in 7 different cities. Matthew is an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, an Apple Certified Support Professional, and a Microsoft Certified Professional. He holds a B.S. in Business Management Systems from Oregon State University and an M.A. in Middle Years Childhood Education from Portland State University.