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    2020 Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon

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    Luanping, Hebei, China
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    Schedule «2020 Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon»

    Monday Monday-12:00am
    Oct, 2020
    12:00 AM
    Luanping, Hebei, China  ?


    Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon is seven years old. The running course has been well known by the most challenge and beautiful view. It has been highly attention by international runners around the world. This event has been growing and becoming the most popular running event among the international running communities.It is the eight years old of the race in the 2020. It has been growing number of international participants . There were more than four hundreds international runners from more than 40 countries around the world among the total of more than 1,500 runners.The 8th annual international Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon is a well-organized marathon event tailored to athletes and runners from around the world. Giving participants the required support to run the challenging race course on the historic Great Wall of China. Making for an amazing marathon adventure to check off your bucket list.