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Who we are

Ticketeria.es  — is an online ticket sales platform that provides information of all events in Spain and allows buying tickets for those events.

The service is available in 9 different languages:


The main difference from similar services is the variety of search filters — using them any user can easily find appropriate event. You can work with our service in 30+ countries.

Our goal is to gather every single event of Spain at our web site, to provide comprehensive information about each event, and to make the search of events so useful and easy that users will come back every time they need to buy tickets.

To start working with us you just need to provide a data feed or API. We will agree on the commission size, the method of tracking sales, and then we add events and start selling tickets.

Benefits of working with us

Sales increase

This online ticket sales platform is designed to attract thousands of users. It has a wide coverage of users due to the several interface languages, not only Spanish and English, but also Russian - so our service can be useful for many foreigners.

Advertising platform for event announcements

We are planning a large advertising campaign both offline and online. Our web traffic is constantly growing. For our partners there is the possibility of publishing a web banner of any event on the main page slider, thereby we help to promote your event.

High quality of our web site

Our content is original and will always be original, we create it by ourselves. We are not going to publish purchased links. We are the developers of the project, that’s why we constantly improve our website and its services based on user behavior analysis.

Competitive advantages

There are ticket aggregators in the Spanish Internet segment, but they have their own disadvantages. A poor description of places and events, expensive or sold out tickets, difficulties with finding suitable events for any budget or finding events on the map.

The Ticketeria project has the following advantages

  • Wide user coverage due to several interface languages (not only Spanish and English, but also Russian - so we can be useful for many foreigners)

  • The search of events is easy and handy for any device

  • There are many search filters available like distance, budget, date, type of event, etc

About us

The English company Pandix Soft Ltd, which specializes in the development of web pages and mobile applications, creates this project.

Specialists in analytics, projection, information technology and web traffic are working to carry out this project. After release of the first version, the development of the project will be continued and based on user behavior analysis

Ticketeria is being developed according to these principles:

  • Commodity - event search is easy and suitable for any device;
  • Simplicity - the search and choice of tickets is very simple;
  • Wide variety of events and places in Spain;
  • Zero or minimum commission for all tickets;
  • Current and detailed information about any event to make a decision to buy tickets easier;
  • Security - all transactions are protected;
  • Variety of payment methods.